Stationary and loads of Pokémon

Today was our last in Tokyo, time flies when you’re having fun!

After breakfast we first headed to Itoya, which is an eight story store, filled with stationary, pens are lots of other stuff Rhonja really likes. Luckily she found the pen pictured below a bit ugly, the price was also a bit steep at €25,000…


On one of the floors they had paper flowers, and even supplies so you could make your own. This was free, so of course we participated:


In the afternoon we mainly did some last minute shopping, because we had to make sure we had enough Kitkats with strange flavours.

Before dinner we made a quick stop at, of course, an arcade where we played a round of Taiko no Tatsujin (guess who won?)

For our last dinner, we had something special planned. Marcel had made a reservation at the Pokémon Café, where they serve all kinds of Pokémon related dishes.

After waiting in line for a short bit, we could enter the café.
We were brought to our table, where a giftbag was waiting (Marcel ordered this beforehand) and got a brief explanation, in Japanese, on how ordering worked (using a tablet) and afterwards we could reveal which Pokémon placemat we got! They used the original 151 Pokémon for the placemats, Marcel got Dugtrio which is a bit meh, but that wasn’t as bad as Rhonja’s Magikarp which is about the most useless a Pokémon can get.

For the main course Marcel ordered an Eevee burger, along with a Gengar smoothie. The smoothie was really REALLY sweet, but looked amazing. It even had a red light inside to make it look even more amazing:

Rhonja went for a curry (3 days in a row…) and it was made from Pikachu!

Even the vegetables and potatoes were cut in little stars, so it looked really cute (kinda too cute to eat), but it tasted pretty good although not as good as CoCo.

For desert Marcel went for a subtle Jigglypuff Cheesecake, which luckily wasn’t as sweet as it looks.

Of course Rhonja went for a not-so-subtle dessert, and picked the biggest one available. A Mimikyu filled with lots of whipped cream and cake. It looked great but even Rhonja with her infinite dessert stomach thought it was a bit overkill.

We had a great meal and were stuffed. Beforehand we weren’t sure if it would be enough (and it was a bit pricey) but we were positively surprised.
When we got up to pay the bill, the people next to us told us to stay for a few more minutes, Pikachu was going to make an appearance!

So we sat down again, and within a few minutes some weird happy Pikachu music started and this giant Chef Pikachu entered the room. We had prime seets so we could see everything perfectly. Rhonja was overjoyed since she even was able to shake Pikachu’s hands!

After watching Pikachu dance and sing for 20 minutes we decided to head back to our hotel, where we started packing our suitcases again for the flight tomorrow!

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