Back home again! Settling and fixing other peoples screwups

So we’re back home again.

The flight went fine, food was awful as expected.
Got everything in order at home again and picked up our Ferret from Marcel’s parents again.

Conclusion of our trip:
It was once again amazing! We had a blast, saw lots of new things and still feel there is much more to see for us. We don’t have plans yet for next time, but we’re certain it will come 🙂

We did have an issue with our blog though.
After our last blogpost the site had issues, and after contacting the hosting service they restored an old backup without informing us first, resulting in the loss of four days of blogs….Thanks a lot for that, bunch of tossers…

So we spent our sunday morning rewriting the lost blogs, hopefully still remembering the details of the days, but I think we did a great job!

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