The exploration of Osaka

This morning we got up, after quite some extra hours of sleep. Luckily we’re now fully rested again without much of a jet lag, so enough energy to use the whole day for exploring!

First we got some breakfast from a nearby Family Mart, of which the jingle that plays when you enter the store always puts a smile on our faces (Link!)
Both of us obviously went for Japanese breakfasts, both contained a lot of rice, fried pork and some vegetables.

Afterwards we headed out towards Amerikamura, but got distracted on our way there and headed off in a different direction which looked cool. Walking through the streets you’re greeted by lots of great smelling food, extremely happy music, and storefronts filled with delicious looking plastic meals


When we came to the end of the shopping street, we got into the subway and headed towards Namba, where we made a quick stop at Tully’s Coffee to get some Iced coffee.


We spent the rest of the morning exploring. We visited a lot of electronic, gachapon and even a few boardgame stores. For lunch we went to a Kobe Beef place at which we had some superb Kobe Beef Ramen.


In the afternoon we continued our exploring, visiting arcade’s, a few landmarks,¬†videogame stores and loads of other stores, buying a few souvenirs here and there.
When it was time for dinner again we stopped at a place where we got a lot of fried stuff.
They had deep-fried shrimp, large shrimp, beef, eel and some vegetables of what we think we knew what they were (although in Japan one can never be 100% certain).


At Tako Tako King (one street from the one we went yesterday) we grabbed a dessert and ended our evening with some Pachinko.
Rhonja had never played this before, and although she still doesn’t exactly know what was going on (which is perfectly fine), she still had a blast.
The main gist of it is that you purchase a few hundred metal balls, insert these in a machine, and using a knob you can determine how fast they are launched. It’s sort of like an over the top pinball machine. Apparently you can earn points (Rhonja got some!), which you in turn can convert to more balls (or prizes).


The souvenirs of the day we found afterwards, a small gift for ourselves which was a passport cover, which turns it into a well-known Japanese piece of art, the “Fine wind, clear morning”, which fits well with our red colored Dutch passports:


That’s all for today!


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