Old gold, old castles and even more old stuff

Today after breakfast we headed out to the Osaka Mint Museum.
Entrance was free, but we were instructed to wear a badge to enter the museum.

The museum itself was nice. Most of the signs were in Japanese, but luckily with the power of internet we were able to get a decent bit of knowledge out of them.
Especially the miniatures of how their machine work  were pretty neat!


Afterwards we walked towards the Osaka Castle, which was just a few minutes away.

It was quite busy in the surrounding gardens, but near the castle it wasn’t as bad. There was a huge line queueing at the entrance, but we found out that was for the lazy people who wanted to use the elevator to get to the top of the castle. We don’t like queues, so we took the stairs for eight fleights and were at the top within a few minutes.
The top floor provided us with some great views:


The other floors of the castle were more like a museum, which told a lot about the history of the castle and the emperors.

After Osaka we strolled across the street, where conveniently the Osaka Museum of History was located. Here we were taken through the rich history of Osaka, all the while Rhonja was scavenging for stamps. Japan is fond of stamps. At most attractions you can get a stamp, but this museum also had several stamps you could get on each floor. They even provided you with a small booklet in which you could collect them. Of course Rhonja wanted them all, and she succeeded.


In the afternoon we made a quick visit to an Arcade, where Marcel beat Rhonja in both Pop’n Music and DDR, but that wasn’t much of a surprise.

After the arcade we went back to the hotel to get a little rest before dinner. We had a reservation at 19:00 at Yakinuku Rokko with Harry. We’ve been there together before and had a great time, and it was Marcels third time there. A few minutes after we were seated Harry himself came to greet us since in our reservation we let know we were returning customers. Marcel regaled his previous excellent experiences here which Harry seemed to enjoy after which a waitress stopped by again to explain the menu and take our orders.
Marcel spent some time reading the one-star reviews online and mocking the stupid people. You see, this restaurant is all you can eat and drink, but though they serve wagyu meat you can’t order only this. We thought it was obvious and we also enjoy ordering some variety,  including somewhat strange things since we are in Japan anyway! So besides wagyu  beef we also ate plenty of cow heart (very tasty!), some cow intestine and stomach (which is ok), and some “regular” cuts of meat like cow steak and rib, pork rib, loin and neck, lamb, etc.
You get to eat and drink for 2 hours which is plenty of time. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel satisfied.



Tomorrow we head towards the next city in our itinerary, Kyoto! Where new adventures await!

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