Flying (mobile) doctor and landing in Osaka

Right as we were ready to board the plane, Rhonja suddenly found out her phone wasn’t able to make calls (You could hear incoming calls, but no way to answer)
Luckily Marcel was quick to react, downloaded two new customs Roms for Rhonja’s Phone while he was still on Dutch unlimited data, just in time for boarding.

In the air he did some hotfix magic, and Rhonja got a working phone again (although she did have to install most of her stuff again, but we had backups for that)

Other than that the flight wasn’t really special. Dinner was meh, seats were meh, leg-space was okay but still worth the extra €60 we paid, breakfast was awful.
We did have seats on the opposite sides of the plane (same row, but different window), and there was even a baby between us, but fortunately also with good parents. The noise that was made was perfectly filtered out by our headphones. The flight also had WiFi, but at €5 for 10MB it was a bit too much for us so we went dark for a few hours.


At Osaka everything went smooth; Fingerprints were taken and our faces photographed.
We picked up our luggage and the Simcard we ordered, so we’re online everywhere!

Currently riding the train to get to our hotel, hopefully we’ll get there in one piece; Rhonja has the lead this holiday, so she’s taking care of transportation and reservations, while Marcel can relax for once 😀
(Marcel did make one last minute reservation though. He booked the last two available seats at the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo, which we’ll be visiting near the end of our trip)

Photo’s will probably come in our next post!

2 thoughts to “Flying (mobile) doctor and landing in Osaka”

  1. This hotfix story is so recognizable :).

    Why did they take your fingerprints and pictures?

    1. It’s just a standard entry procedure. Probably to check against a database to see whether you’ve been naughty in the past.

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