(Almost) Ready for liftoff!

We’re currently busy with the last preparations, making sure we don’t forget the important stuff.
Yesterday we dropped our ferret at my (Marcel) parents so that’s taken care of.

Other than that we’re good to go.
A few differences compared to previous trips:

  • This year we won’t we buying the Japan Railpass, this time it’ll be cheaper if we just get individual tickets for the trains.
  • No papers. We’ll be doing everything digitally, so we’ll probably safe a few twigs from certain death. (Okay, our money will still be part paper)
  • Marcel didn’t plan anything. He assigned Rhonja to arrange everything, so he can just relax (or watch the world burn, not sure yet what’ll happen)
  • Hopefully Marcel won’t slip and bruise his arm this time, so he can finally spend some time at the Arcade again to impress people with his Dutch skills.

But of course some things will be the same:

  • We’ll be visiting several cities we’ve already been before, just going to do different things there.
  • Dinner at Yakiniku Shinsaibashi, great little restaurant in Osaka
  • It’s going to be amazing
  • And of course we’ll have an internet connection throughout our whole trip, so we can keep you guys up to date!


Tuesday we’ll be leaving for Schiphol, probably will make a post from there again!

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